Our compelling mission creates the foundation for rewarding and challenging careers. We look for passionate and motivated individuals to join us in conserving India’s natural resources for its people and nature. With us, scientists and researchers have the opportunity to translate their science into on-the-ground action and showcase real impact. There are ample opportunities to contribute towards conservation in the field of Science, Policy, Communication and Marketing, Fundraising, Finance, Operations and Administration and much more.

We believe in creating an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration and professional development.

We abide by the following values that enable us to be more effective in our work and support each other as a team.

  • We always assume noble intent from your peers.
  • We treat each other with respect:
    • Follow the Platinum Rule—treat others as they would like to be treated.
    • Get to know each other well enough to know what that is.
    • Listen to understand other point of view.
  • We receive and provide constructive and timely feedback.
  • We commit to integrity beyond reproach – Being cost-effective in how the team operates
  • We build, celebrate, and leverage diversity.
    • We commit to gender equity.
    • We are culturally sensitive in our decisions.
  • We make clear commitments and hold each other accountable to them, including timelines.
  • We avoid artificial harmony. We deal with conflict constructively.
  • We are positive and have a can-do attitude.
  • We operate as One Conservancy.

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