Our Priorities

Support Renewable Energy

and tackle climate change

A person uses a cloth to clean solar panels on the roof of a village home in India.
Barefoot solar engineers women in Tinginaput, India are transforming their remote village with solar powered electricity © Abbie Trayler-Smith, DFID, Creative Commons

To meet the required CO2e emissions reductions to avoid catastrophic climate change, we need to source more of our energy from renewable sources like wind & solar.

We’re working in support of the roll out of renewable energy projects across India in a manner that doesn’t further destroy areas of high conservation value. We’re implementing and increasing the emphasis on readily available, cost-effective Natural Climate Solutions, such as reforestation, and drive policy changes to accelerate our transition to a clean energy future.

And in northwest India we are working with farmers to end crop residue burning to prevent millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. 

Solar panel row in front of wind turbines.
Renewable Energy India aims to install 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030 © Creative Commons


Renewable Energy Strategies

Father calling An endangered Humayun Night Frog calling in front of a clutch of eggs that he has fertilized. © Karthik AK/TNC Photo Contest 2019