Our Priorities

Protect and Restore Wild Habitats

Hungry Hornbills A pair of Rufous-necked Hornbills photographed near Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary in West Bengal, India. © Saurabh Sawant/TNC Photo Contest 2018

India’s protected areas cover just 5% of its landmass. For our spectacular natural heritage to survive more precious wild habitats need protection & restoration.

We’re working in various locations across India to avoid deforestation, to restore degraded lands and undertake agroforestry for fuelwood such that the pressure on intact forests is reduced. We complete large protection deals using innovative finance, share smart infrastructure siting principles to encourage sustainable development and partner with Indigenous people to strengthen their rights as environmental stewards.

Father calling An endangered Humayun Night Frog calling in front of a clutch of eggs that he has fertilized. © Karthik AK/TNC Photo Contest 2019