Founded in 1951 in the United States of America, we work in more than 72 countries with a science-led approach to create nature-based solutions for the environmental challenges facing our planet.

The Nature Conservancy has been advancing projects in India since 2015 to support India’s efforts to “develop without destruction”. We work closely with the Indian government, research institutions, NGOs, private sector organisations and local communities to develop science-based, on-the-ground, scalable solutions for some of the country’s most pressing environmental challenges. We legally registered in India on June 20th 2017 under the name TNC-The Nature Conservancy Centre.

Our aim is to support the Indian government’s national priorities by bringing in our expertise in science, global experience, ability to take pilot initiatives to scale, and working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders. Our projects are aligned with national priorities such as the Namami Gange and Namami Devi Narmade river restoration programmes; restoring urban wetlands; addressing air pollution from crop residue burning; sustainably advancing renewable energy and reforestation goals; and building healthy, sustainable and smart cities.

Our organisational objectives

We want to ensure that India develops sustainably while also conserving its natural resources for people and nature. We are working to:

  • Create science-based solutions and decision-making tools to guide the Indian government’s sustainable development initiatives.
  • Pilot science-based conservation projects on-the-ground to demonstrate success and enable the government to advance supportive policies and programmes at a national scale.
  • Promote the role of nature-based solutions in sustainable development to demonstrate that environment conservation and economic development can go hand in hand.
  • Build the business case for conservation and increase investment in nature by demonstrating nature’s value in human well-being and long term sustainability of businesses and economic development.