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TNC India launches Narmada Riparian Restoration Guide

Enabling grassroot stakeholders to integrate scientific restoration methods into their conservation efforts.

The Nature Conservancy India launched its first-ever Riparian Restoration Guide for the Narmada River. The guide would not just be useful for this iconic river but also for other rivers across India.

Ahead of the launch event Dr. Sushil Saigal, Director of Programs, The Nature Conservancy India said, “The launch of the Riparian Restoration Guide is a step towards ensuring ease of access to knowledge which TNC India along with its partners Jan Abhiyan Parishad and Indian Grameen Services brings to the project.” He added, “The guide details TNC’s science-based approach to help rejuvenate the riparian areas of Narmada River which can be replicated and scaled easily across the country.”

The restoration guide in Hindi is an amalgamation of years of research, on-ground implementation, and learnings from TNC India’s conservation work and traditional community knowledge. Additionally, from the technical assistance provided to the other 66 sites under the Narmada Seva Mission initiated by the Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP). It describes the systematic implementation to restore the riparian areas of the Narmada and its tributaries.

Quote: Shri B R Naidu

Congratulations to The Nature Conversancy India and Indian Grameen Services for launching this Riparian Restoration Guide which will prove essential for the restoration of the Narmada River and its tributaries.

IAS, Director General, Jan Abhiyan Parishad, Madhya Pradesh

This guide can be used for better implementation and coordination of all the community members, government frontline, and allied organizations associated with the restoration work of the Narmada riparian area.

Shri D K Wasnik, Divisional Forest Officer, Narmadapuram reinstated the importance of scientifically managing forests and similarly riparian zones. He said, “Scientific plantation is a step towards riparian restoration, but we also need to work on soil and water conservation, forest management, to get a holistic outcome.” 

A handy compilation of 60 indigenous plant species is also provided in this guide. In order to identify the species involved, a community survey was conducted along the Narmada River. This guide provides a direction to restore riparian areas by planting various vegetation and managing them through community participation.

Shri Manoj Thakur, Additional District Magistrate, Narmadapuram said, “Planting the specific native species to restore Narmada’s riparian zones is crucial. Hence, the launch of this Restoration Guide now is more important than ever.

The launch event was also attended by community members across the villages of Narmadapuram, civil society organisations like Lions Club, Gaytree Parivar, Gram Prasfutan Samiti, Rewa Samiti, and Narmada Rewa Samiti among many others.

The launch event was also graced by Ashok Biswal, Associate Scientist TNC India; Kaushalesh Tiwari, Divisional Coordinator, JAP and Sanjib Sarangi, AVP, IGS.

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