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Ashok Biswal

Associate Scientist


Ashok Biswal

Ashok Biswal Ashok Biswal © Courtsety Ashok Biswal

Areas of Expertise

Habitat restoration & ecology, field expeditions, conservation planning, conservation photography.

General Enquiries

ph. +91 8018928928


Ashok is a field researcher at heart. He has worked in forest and wetland conservation for the last 10 years in both the government and private sectors in areas including biodiversity inventory, forestry expedition, documentation, monitoring and conservation sociology. At TNC he works as an Associate Scientist where he manages and implements the landscape and riparian restoration works scientifically for the Central Indian landscape.  

Ashok enjoys capturing nature’s mysteries through his camera’s lens. He has travelled extensively in Central and Eastern India to research flora, fauna and other conservation aspects of riverine foresta and wetlands. Documenting the lesser-known wild natural resources is his passion which is reflected in the five books he has authored.

Ashok has a MPhil in Natural Resource Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Master of Science in Bioinformatics from Bharathiar University, Postgraduate Diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS from Utkal University and Bachelor of Science (Botany) from Sambalpur University.

He commenced working at TNC in 2017 and is based at Hoshangabad which is situated on the northern side of the central Narmada River valley and the Satpura biosphere reserve of India. 

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