Our strong scientific background, the ability to create sound decision-making tools, the capacity to pilot on-the-ground projects with partners and take them to scale are key strengths that will enable us to achieve long lasting impact.

We work in partnership with the Government

The Indian Government is committed to an ambitious sustainable development agenda and needs the support of the non-profit and private sector organisations in helping it achieve the vision of an India that “develops without destruction”. We work closely with the Indian Government across the city, state and centre and involve them in all stages of project development to ensure our efforts are positively contributing to their goals. We have carefully chosen our projects to support government initiatives and national priorities. We are supporting the Namami Gange and Namami Devi Narmade river restoration programmes; restoring urban wetlands; addressing air pollution from crop residue burning; sustainably advancing renewable energy and reforestation goals; and building healthy, sustainable and smart cities.

We are result-oriented and impact driven

We believe in getting things done and hold ourselves accountable to deliver results. We are methodical and thorough in planning our projects and define measures of success, which enable us to effectively monitor and evaluate our impact on the ground. We are focused on creating smart scientific solutions that have the highest conservation impact at the lowest cost.

We strongly believe in collaboration

We understand that one organisation alone cannot move the needle on sustainability in India. This requires collaboration and collective action among India’s strong civil society organisations, research institutions and socially and environmentally aware businesses and corporations. Therefore, we work in partnership with regional, national and international NGOs and collectively draw on each other’s expertise and experience to design and implement conservation projects. Our endeavour is to build the capacity of the entire sector through cross learning and knowledge sharing.

We have an innovative, science-based approach

True to our vision of building an India that is guided by sound science to manage its natural resources sustainably, we focus on creating science-based solutions for environmental problems. We believe that supporting policies that are rooted in strong science is essential to balance economic development and environment conservation. Not only do we create and implement such solutions, but we also promote applied science i.e. complex scientific research translated into actionable format that can be easily used by decision and policy makers.

We draw on global and national expertise

With a presence in a large number of countries including Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania and Indonesia, we have a wide resource pool of scientists and experts on varied subjects – freshwater and its biodiversity, marine and its biodiversity, forests, wildlife, land management, climate change, renewable energy, and much more. We draw on this global expertise to bring tried and tested solutions that are relevant to India. We have a number of in-house subject experts in India and we partner with research institutions such as the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Wildlife Institute of India, Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur and Madras) to develop our projects.

We pursue a shared nature-people agenda

We believe that nature plays an important role in human well-being and therefore, must be a critical outcome in economic development. All our projects are aimed at finding nature-based solutions to environmental challenges that impact human well-being. Wherever we work, we keep the needs of people in mind and design projects that involve and benefit local communities while also contributing to conservation.